Animal Charity - Charities for Animals

There are a variety of ways to help animals, which can have both immediate and long-term effects. Such a broad spectrum of animal charities to choose from means you can decide to help in an area which interests you the most.

The “Hands on” approach

For people who want to interact directly with the charities, a ‘hands on’ approach could be the best way. Animal charities depend largely on the generosity of the public, as most cannot rely on particularly large grants from the government. This means that getting directly involved with a charity that particularly appeals to you could be a great help.

Direct involvement can span from donating money to people collecting donations on the street, to volunteering to help care for the animals at a shelter or a sanctuary. These individual actions mean you feel directly connected to the charity and the relevant animals, and you can feel satisfied in knowing that you have had an immediate impact.

Furthermore, if you feel passionately about your charity, you could organise sponsorship. You could organise people to sponsor you, by running a mini-marathon, for example, with the money raised going towards the charity you have chosen.

Alternatively you could encourage people to sponsor a particular animal at a shelter. People do not realise that often the cost of caring for the animals at these establishments can be quite high. Sponsoring an animal in this way is a popular way of raising money to cover these costs.

Other ways of helping

Not everyone has the time to spare to take part in the ‘hands on’ approach mentioned. Luckily, if you still want to get involved, there are many alternative routes which can be just as rewarding.

Many people choose to regularly donate money to big animal charities, and this can have a longer term effect. By giving money to charities which run large campaigns or train working animals, such as guide dogs, the impact be lasting.

Many charities accept regular direct debits, or once-off donations which can go towards research and public awareness of their work. This means that your donation is having a wide reaching effect, encouraging others to get involved with the charity too.

Where do I start?

The mere amount and range of local animal charities can be mind-boggling. To narrow down which one to help it is best to decide which cause you feel for the most. Many charities cater for a specific species, which may be the animals whose welfare you feel strongly about yourself.

You could also base your choice on whether you would like to help animals locally or on an international scale. Many charities are trying to raise awareness of problems going on abroad, whereas others may only operate in your locality.

Very importantly, you need to decide whether you want to get involved yourself with volunteering or sponsorship, or would rather donate to a research charity instead. These options should help you decide which animal charity is best for you.

Ruth Parasol: Ruth Parasol is a member of Bonita Trust Advisory Board. Her philanthropic contributions through family care project & Bonita Trust includes charitable grants to tackle family, health, education and cultural issues.