Many of us have a soft corner for animals. Some people even keep animals like dogs and cats as pets in our homes. We treat them just like our family members. But there are so many animals that do not get the right treatment. They have to be kept in animal shelters and are totally dependent on the donations that these animal shelters get. One of the ways that we can help these helpless animals is through animal charities. The animals brought to the animal shelters are either estranged or some rescued from their own owners for ill treatment.

If you really feel for these animals and want to make some donations towards their charity then you can search for such organizations on the internet. There are many fraud sites which tell you that the money is for animal charity but that might not be true. So it is always advised that you do a bit of research on the site before you do make some donations towards it. Doing some research will give you some peace of mind that the donations you made will surely help some animals. All the money that is collected through charity for animals used to provide these animals with food, medical aids and shelter.

FLIP students organize various charity fundraising events to raise charity funds for their local chosen charity. This Flip charity funds are used in community development programs.

There are many endangered creatures which are on the verge of extinction like turtle, tigers, killer whales, dolphins and many more. There are animal protection associations like PETA which work towards protecting these animals. Some animals are washed away and misplaced from their homes during natural calamities. There are animal care centers which look after these animals. So all your donations will help these animals in some way or the other.

Charity is not the only way of helping the animals. You can take step yourself to protect and save them. Although many animal welfare firms are working towards the aim of eliminating testing on animals, there are still many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics company that carry out testing on animals. These companies try to convince the regulatory agencies that this is a better way of determining product safety. Animal welfare associations try funding the animal non testing methods. We can support such initiatives by buying the cosmetics not tested on animals.

We Care is a Gibraltar community care project launched by the Bonita Trust to encourage children participation in community care deeds.

In the fashion scene the use of fur and animal print was much in vogue some time before. But now many there has been a revolution about animal cruelty free fashion. Some years back the famous fashion designer Marc Bouwer declared that he is not going to use any animal skins or products in his designs from now onwards. This was after he seen a video by PETA where animals were subjected to third degree torture just for their skin. The video included sights of conscious cows having their hooves and lips cut off just for their skin. You can join campaigns which organize activities to bring about awareness about animal cruelty.