Helping Animals Abroad

We are lucky in the UK that we have a competent level of awareness of how animals should be treated. Unfortunately, abroad many cultures are unaware of the necessity of animal welfare. Many animal charities source money from the UK in order to help these animals.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals

The World Society for the Protection of Animals aims to protect both wild and domestic animals across the globe. The size of the charity has lent itself to its large political sway in 140 countries, where it aims to convince governments to improve legislation to protect animals.

Just as charities for people provide aid in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the World Society for the Protection of Animals enters affected countries in order to ensure that the affected animals receive treatment and care. Often these natural disasters can be the cause of diseases spreading, and usually humans are the first to receive treatments, with the plight of the animals forgotten about.

The size of the charity and the great amount of publicity The World Society for the Protection of Animals receives is enhanced by the celebrity support it has secured. Campaigns endorsed by celebrities have included efforts by comedian Ricky Gervais to end bullfighting in Catalonia. By using these high profile figures, the charity seeks to show that all kinds of people can get involved with their efforts.


Just as the world is aware of the cruelty of human trafficking, Traffic ensures that animals being traded and transported are treated well, as often this is not the case. Traffic ensures that all activity is legal, sustainable and fair on the animals.

A great problem for Traffic is illegal trade, as the black market surrounding endangered animals such as elephants for their ivory is huge. Equally, rare tortoises are being exploited and traded for their shells, illegally. Traffic aims to prevent this.

 Further to this, Traffic ensures that traders are using eco-friendly means to transport their goods. A Wildlife Crime Hotline has been established to ensure that, around the clock, any misdeeds committed against animals can be reported and prevented.

Compassion in World Farming Trust

Around the world there are many farmers who are not practicing in a way that is fair or safe for animals. This charity aims to ensure that factory farming, which is typically cruel, is ended. This can include the battery farming of chickens and the use of tiny cages for pigs, which cause the animals distress and can mean disease spreads quickly.

Campaigns include getting people to sign petitions as to whether their MPs care to help farm animals, and raising awareness that farming can be done without factory farming and cruel methods. This is not to say however, that the campaigns are aggressive or abrasive, with the charity itself claiming to want to end cruel farming peacefully.

The charity has been successful in using undercover investigations and political lobbying to expose the unfair conditions imposed on farm animals and to instigate change.