Helping Specific Animals

If you have a favourite animal which you would like to see your money or help go towards, there are many charities which would welcome your interest.


The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, known as the RSPB, is a animal charity specifically for those who want to protect birdlife around the country. The charity works by raising money to conserve the habitats of birds, and encouraging interest in this form of wildlife through public campaigns.

The RSPB is easily accessible for interested members, in having many local groups around the country. Their work also provides opportunities for birdwatching, with many of their reserves having space within which to do so.


As well as the popular Battersea Dogs and Cats home, Cats Protection works nationwide to look after abandoned cats. The charity aims to neuter and re-home any cats that need such help.

Like many other charities, Cats Protection also aims to inform the public through campaigns about the plight of unwanted and badly treated cats.

Horses, Ponies and Donkeys

Horses, ponies and donkeys are typically working animals, and thus prone to mistreatment. Charities such as The Horse Trust seeks to ensure that people are aware of how to properly look after horses and not over work them.

The International League for the Protection of Horses works around the world to educate people in proper horse care, believing that a thorough knowledge of horses will relieve suffering and cruelty in the longer term.

The Donkey Sanctuary works across the UK and Ireland with ten establishments. By making the charity into not only a sanctuary but a visitors attraction, much money can be raised which is then used for research and awareness campaigns on an international level.

Butterflies and Moths

Butterfly Conservation is tailored specifically for ensuring that butterfly and moth populations thrive throughout the UK. In recent years these often overlooked species have been in decline.

By campaigning with the public and lobbying the government to acknowledge butterflies and moths as an important part of British wildlife, the charity has recently become increasingly well known, and has even secured the presidency of Sir David Attenborough.

The charity has also launched conservation projects in order to ensure that certain varieties of butterfly have been able to breed and increase. The recent changes in the global environment have made it more difficult for butterflies and moths to live, and the Butterfly Conservation aims to reverse this trend.


There are many ways in which to help with aquatic life around the UK. Rivers, estuaries and coastlines need conservation and protection for animals which can be at risk. The Marine Stewardship Council, for example, promotes conservation of marine fisheries in order to ensure that sea food sold on a wide scale is fished in a sustainable way.

Also, the National Marine Aquarium based in Plymouth is a charity as well as being the UK’s largest aquarium. The aim of the Aquarium is to raise the public’s awareness of the needs of the oceans and its vast array of lifeforms.