Benefits of Strategic Philanthropy

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One of the most important goals of strategic philanthropy is improving the lives of the people throughout the world and specifically in your community. Whether in the corporate or the philanthropic world strategy is the art of directing action and planning in order to sustain and attain success. It involves matching sustainable resources with realistic ambitions. If you are a philanthropist, strategy to you would mean understanding which social change would achieve maximum funds and ensure the demonstration of that impact.

Strategic philanthropy is referred by various terms these days, venture philanthropy, effective philanthropy, high engagement philanthropy, high impact philanthropy and philanthropic investment. No matter what term you define philanthropy, the main idea is the motivation for giving for those who are in need.

By philanthropic giving it does not only mean offering substantial amounts of money and the end of it. In addition, to money there are many organizations and individuals that provide nonprofit fundraising ideas for charity that can leverage their reputation, time and energy. There are many non profit organizations and charitable organizations that work with individuals, corporations and several other organizations to weave the elements together to build a lasting philanthropic legacy.

The best Strategic Philanthropy strategic philanthropy would mean that work with social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to achieve sustainable and cost effective social impact.

Although, strategic philanthropy is a new concept there are many non profit organizations which work together with advisors, managements of other companies to build a legacy of charitable giving and philanthropy. It is very important to co-ordinate the entire implementation of the strategy for its success.


Role of FLIP Charity in Gibraltar

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Due to the joint efforts of Bonita Trust and Credit Suisse, FLIP or Future Leaders in philanthropy has come into existence. The main goal of the Future Leaders in Philanthropy charity is to nurture the minds of the young talents so that they can contribute a lot in the society and encourages local students to become involved in communal & charitable giving.

To help the young talent to become future leaders the Flip Charity organizations makes sure that these young talented volunteers handle the project independently. By handling the project independently the young talented volunteers can face any social or other problems in the society with courage and determination to find a solution for it.

FLIP has laid the philanthropic foundation and the good work of the charitable organization is carried by the volunteers. It is the responsibility of the volunteers of the FLIP charity to take care of the charitable investment portfolio. The volunteers of the FLIP charity have to manage their responsibility and excel in the field of charity giving. FLIP organizes various charity programmes and events that create awareness among a large audience and they also feel the need to be a part of the FLIP charity. When the young generation of the society is a part of the FLIP charity organization they can understand the importance of social work.

When the young talent put forth their ideas, the FLIP charity organization does not de-motivate them. On the other hand the FLIP charity organization guides the volunteers to improve their thinking process which is very important for the development of the weaker sections of the society


Importance of Charity Fundraising Events

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There are hundreds of charitable organizations in the UK, and most of their fundraising events have been tried out. It is very important for you to come up with some innovative means and methods to raise money for the charitable organizations.

To make sure that your charitable organization can stand out in the crowd it is very important for you as a fundraiser to plan for some novel ideas so that maximum amount can be collected through the charity fundraising events.

There can be some fundraising events that may seem illogical on paper but when put in practice can yield a lot of money that can be used for the implementation of new projects.

When you express your fundraising idea the stakeholders or the superior has to agree to your fundraising event. There are multiple charitable organizations in the UK that is trying hard for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. If you think you can make a difference in the society you can join the FLIP charity. You can select any other charitable organization when you know for what cause they are working to improve upon.

It is not very easy to organize fund raising events in the UK, but FLIP charitable organization is doing a fantastic job. FLIP is one of the charitable organizations which strive hard for the development of the people in the Gibraltar area. The youngsters who are a part of the FLIP Project have made changes not only in the society but as a part of the Charity Fundraising Events they grow at a personal level as well.


All About Breast Cancer Charity in UK

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If you are young and keen to join as a volunteer for the Breast cancer charity organization it can be really very good. A big difference can be made in the lives of the people who are suffering from breast cancer when they have the support of the charitable or fundraising organizations.

There are many breast cancer charitable organizations that raise funds for those who do research for the cure of breast cancer. The breast cancer charity organizations plan for some innovative methods to reach out to the people suffering from breast cancer. As per the recent studies they have made a statement that one in every ten women can suffer from this deadly disease – breast cancer.

There are many charitable organizations across the world which organize various charity fundraising events to raise charity funds for their local chosen charity and is striving hard to find the right medical treatment for the cure of the deadly disease. If you are interested in helping the charitable organizations to raise money for the funds you can organize for some activity such as organize a marathon race, or do some kind of shopping or donations.

There are many breast cancer organizations that arrange fundraising activities at regular intervals. If you have some good thought or idea to support the breast cancer charitable organization you can either mail or phone the administrative department of the breast cancer charitable organization. If breast cancer is detected at an early stage it can be cured. There are many training sessions that are held so that women can recognize the early signs of breast cancer.


Initiatives for Healthcare

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When you see that businesses, local churches, and local individuals have come united to support and promote an event you also feel encouraged to be a part of such an fundraising event.

Most of the charitable organizations and charities lay lots of importance on community awareness so that maximum people are aware of which part of the country needs much support and care. The goal of the community awareness project is simple is to help another community for the betterment of all.

Healthcare facilities are provided by Gibraltar which has its own health authority. There is a residential care for the elderly, community hospital, mental health unit and a referral hospital.

There are many cancer patients who cannot afford the medical treatment hence, they are committing suicide. When there is lack of funds and awareness of the disease the patients are forced to die.

The Gibraltar healthcare aims to help those who cannot bear the high prices of the medical treatment.In the UK, there are many healthcare charity initiatives that have been undertaken. Most of these charitable organizations organize for the fundraising events and programmes so they can donate the hospitals in the rural and urban areas.

If you belong to the medical field, this is a great opportunity for you to be a part of the Gibraltar healthcare and save the life of millions. When you join any such charitable organization you will be glad that you are practicing your social responsibility by taking care of the patients who are poor and need your care and support.

Also, FLIP successfully organized a corporate fundraising quiz night to raise funds for Happy Faces Charitable Trust aiming chronic illness support.


Importance of Community Care Social Work

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To make people aware of its surroundings and the society that they live in, hence community awareness is very essential. We should not only take care of us but also take notice of the issues and problems within the community. There may be many who are less fortunate than us and may be in need of some help, you be in a position to help them out.

If we all come united to form a single community it will be very easy to solve any problem. If only one or two individuals are doing any social work it may take lots of efforts and time to fulfil the task. There are many charities and organizations which set up community care projects and encourage more and more young people to help the needy and devote their time. When you be a part of the community care social work you can make difference in the lives of the millions and make the world a better place to live in.

Bonita trust has set up the We care project which encourage children to get involved in the community care social work. When these young children be a part of the charitable organization they can win rewards as an incentive to do better performance. By being a part of the community care social work the minds of the youth can be drilled and inculcated with the importance of social work. We care projects have helped several other charitable organizations in Gibraltar such as Breast Cancer Support, Women in Need and Path Way through plan, Down Syndrome Support Group.


Breast Cancer Charity Support

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In the UK, breast cancer is spreading like wild fire, but there are many breast cancer charity organizations that are fighting breast cancer in a very methodical manner. There is an urgent need to create awareness related to the various nuances of breast cancer.

The breast cancer awareness is created by the various breast cancer charity organizations in the UK. When you see some advertisement on breast cancer awareness, you will see that some or the other breast cancer charity organization is promoting that breast cancer awareness campaign.

There are thousands of breast cancer charity volunteers who are doing their best to ensure that women are aware of this life threatening disease. When patients are detected with breast cancer, the first thing that they want to know is how long they will get to live. With the advancements in science and technology, there are medications and treatments that can easily extend the life spans of breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer patients get panicked when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the time that proper counselling needs to be given. The breast cancer charity organizations in the United Kingdom are creating awareness of breast cancer and also talking to most breast cancer patients and showing them the right path to well being. Cancer patients need to get all the support they need when they are going for tests or for treatment. This is the time that they feel the need of their family members to be close to them.


Bonita Trust is a very popular charity programme that has done immense good work in the Gibraltar area. The community care programmes coming out of Bonita trust have got international recognition. One of the best community care services in Gibraltar is the We Care programme.

Gibraltar community care programme is driven by children between the ages 10 to 12. There are many people who feel that at this age children would not understand the meaning of community care and social service. Contrary to popular belief, you will find that there are several children who have done very well when it comes to community care and social service.

When children join the We Care project, they get exposure to community service at a very tender age and this really helps them in the long run. The children who are a part of the We Care programme also create awareness about their community care programme. Thus, you will also find that there are more and more children who get attracted to the We Care programme.

Many parents feel that it is a waste of time to send their children for the We Care programme, but what they don’t understand that there are several hidden benefits of the We Care programme. When children are given the training on We Care programme, they start to care for the people around them and they surely become good citizens on the land in the future. As parents, you need ensure that your children become very good people when they grow up.


Community Care in Gibraltar

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There are thousands of community care projects in the world, but one of them that has really caught the attention of many people is the We Care Gibraltar community care. If you are looking out for a fun and educational programme that gives total support for community care in Gibraltar, then you should log on to the internet and check out some more details on Community Care Gibraltar under the aegis of Bonita Trust.

In the year 2007, Bonita Trust started the We Care project with several aims and objectives, but the most important objective was to give the best service to the community. One very interesting fact about the We Care Gibraltar community care project is that it is this programme has over five hundred and fifty children participating with complete enthusiasm.

You will be alarmed to know that over seven thousand community care good deeds are performed by the children on a yearly basis. Now another amazing fact is that these deeds directly translate to donations of over twenty thousand pounds each year. It was a known fact that the communities in Gibraltar were facing a lot of problems and obstacles.

With community care programmes such as the We Care Gibraltar community care, things have change drastically. Children between the ages of 10 and 12 are the ones who are involved in the community care for the We Care community care project. The lives of thousands of people have changed as because of the We Care programme started by the Bonita Trust.


Stop cruelty towards animals

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Are all of us aware that many of the animals in this world are subjected to sheer cruelty just for human needs? Animals are killed everyday either for their meat, skin, horns or sometimes even for fun. At most of the places animal hunting is banned because several species have reached a stage of extinction. But still there are some people who hunt for fun.

For making leather the skin is torn from the bodies of the animals when they are in their conscious state. The hooves and lips of cows are cut off for this reason. These animals are kept in torturous and inhumane conditions. There are many videos released by PETA which show this cruelty towards animals. Seeing them many high end fashion designers have gone against the use of leather, animal print and animal skin and fur in their designs. They hope that they make this industry turn toward the path of animal cruelty free fashion.

Humane Society has stated that every year nearly 75,000,000 animals are killed just for garment production. The methods used to kill them are terrible. These animals are killed by gassing or sometimes their necks are broken. Genital electrocution is also a method used to murder these helpless creatures. Such methods are used because they want to keep the exterior of the animal unharmed for their skin.

It is necessary for us to become aware of this treatment towards animals and ask for a ban on animal products. We need to stop having the attitude of “it is unheard because it is unseen”.