Local Animal Charities

If you want to get involved yourself and raise some money to help an animal charity, here are some helpful guidelines. There is a variety of ways to show you care and get others interested. These days, with so many people trying to raise awareness for their cause, it is best to do something dynamic and different with your event in order to stand out from the crowd.

What kind of events are there?

Charities welcome any kind of support. This could be from a small sum of money raised from a local scale event, to media exposure from a large, even national event. The best way is to choose an event which could get you noticed by ordinary people who may not normally have donated as the media on a wider scale.

You may already be aware of certain types of event which are very popular, such as charity balls, karaoke, pub quizzes or raffles. However, these are so often done that people may not necessarily be interested in them. A great way to generate more interest is to make these more themed towards your chosen animal charity.

How can I make my event stand out?

A great way to hold a successful and different event is to take a traditional idea and put your own spin on it. A great way to raise money at a charity ball could be to make it pet themed – by allowing people to bring their pets along.

Further to this, you could ensure that the prizes for your raffle are all pet themed, such as a coupon to a local dog groomer, or a trip to a Donkey Sanctuary.

By getting people to involve their own pets in these events, you will be able to draw attention to your event, as this is no ordinary way of raising money. You could even theme the event specific to the particular animal you are raising money for, such as getting people to come with their face painted as that particular animal, for example.

When should I hold my themed event?

You could add to your themed event by holding it on a day which is already themed, such as Halloween or Saint Patrick’s Day. By adding an extra element to your fundraising event, people who are coming will have a clearer idea of what is expected of them.

You should also think about your local surroundings when planning your themed event – how could your area make your theme even better and all the more relevant? If you live in beautiful countryside you could situate your event in a place which encourages people to appreciate the importance of nature and the work of animal charity in conserving this.

A popular choice when living in a crowded city like London is to hold street parties, where all the neighbours can get involved. This is not only a great idea for raising money for the animal charity of your choice, the community is brought together and people can get to know each other.